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Hi. I'm new here......... >_______>

2011-12-05 03:43:49 by probinsyANNA

well im a noob, im thinking that this is different from facebook and deviantart. Im still a novice in flash animations maybe some of you guys can help me out D:

and maybe someday I might also make flash games cuz I'm studying Gaming and Animation Tech

this is my dA



Hi. I'm new here......... >_______>


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2011-12-05 05:24:55

leave this place and never come back.


2011-12-05 13:57:05

Hahaha, oh shit.

Forget the comment above. Welcome to NG, enjoy it to its full extent.

probinsyANNA responds:

yah, I wish I could do that but its already tattooed in my mind o_0

and yes I shall enjoy :)