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Another solo project flash animation...

2011-12-06 20:22:12 by probinsyANNA

I've been working on a flash for a 3-4 days now and I hope I will finish it by tomorrow and submit it here on friday....

Just a quick preview about the flash is that its dedicated to all the gamers who are misunderstood by their parents, girl/boy friends and other people who doesn't want these gamers TO BE A GAMER...

the only thing that keeps me doing this project is the message of the short animation, I might even remake this in the future just to compare.

I may need help from others as well in terms of sound, voice, animations and etc in the future flashes I'm going to make D:

Another solo project flash animation...

well im a noob, im thinking that this is different from facebook and deviantart. Im still a novice in flash animations maybe some of you guys can help me out D:

and maybe someday I might also make flash games cuz I'm studying Gaming and Animation Tech

this is my dA



Hi. I'm new here......... >_______>